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Organiser and Facilitator Guidelines

To help keep everyone safe we are asking all our organisers to follow the guidelines below…

  • If any of your delegates become ill during your event, you must let a member of staff know and ask the delegate to leave the venue.
  • If you are informed after the event that someone who was there has fallen ill, please let us know. We will never ask for confidential medical information but knowing about cases in the building will help staff to be vigilant about their own health.
  • Encourage your delegates to wear face coverings while moving around the building, including while visiting the toilets. 
  • Remember that the communal areas of the building need to be shared and shouldn’t be used as a general waiting area for your group. If your event or meeting requires a waiting room then you can hire an additional room or ask guests to wait outside the building. This is to reduce the risk of contamination and avoid crowding within the building.
  • Encourage your delegates to check-in with the NHS App.
  • We serve food and drink which can be ordered in advance – if you would like this to be individually packed, please let us know.  Shared meals and catering are not permitted.
  • Although it’s chilly outside, open a window in your room wherever you can – opening the window wide for bursts of 10-15 minutes or leaving it slightly open throughout the day will help make your event safer. Almost all our rooms have windows that open to some extent – please ask if you want more information about individual rooms.
  • Ask your delegates to observe the one-way system on the stairs – use the main stairs to go up and the Central Street stairs to come down from the first floor.