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Consultant and facilitator

Sue Lewis

I am a registered social worker with the Health and Care Professions Council and a qualified personal performance coach. I have management and leadership qualifications with extensive experience at a senior level of managing staff and services in the public, private and voluntary sector.

Facilitator Experience

I have extensive experience in facilitation for multi-agency and multi-disciplinary groups of people with real-life dilemmas that need a resolution. I seek consensus with innovative solutions and support the development of implementation plans back in the work place, if appropriate. I am experienced in working from Board level to customer/user groups in statutory, voluntary and independent sectors to supports organisations to develop and grow.

I deliver bespoke team building and development packages that are individually tailored to meet your needs, with a range of team coaching, group work, and individual exercises. I can include feedback and follow-up sessions every few months if necessary to implement action plans and support you to manage change. I will meet with you and your team to consult on your requirements plan and prepare appropriate interventions and facilitate your event at the Friends Meeting House to run smoothly.

For an informal, no obligation discussion on how I can help you plan your meeting or event to get the desired outcomes you need please contact me on 07971210748 or view my website on


“The conversations that we had (with the facilitator) before the session were incredibly useful. It meant that the sessions were tailored specifically to where we were at as a team. I was able to explain fully what I felt we needed and the best thing was I felt understood by someone who had been there herself as a manager. I had a clear idea what I wanted the day to be like and to achieve for the team and Sue got it without me having to try too hard to explain any more than that.

Being able to sit back and not take responsibility for the planning or delivery of the session and to feel in safe hands with someone who was warm and friendly – and funny! – and clearly in tune with what we needed.……..some of us shifted from precipices to the point at the end of the day where we all chose the same photo ………to represent us was nothing short of a miracle! That was fantastic and worth having the day just for that experience.”
Children’s Centre Manager, Lancashire

“Facilitator brought a good balance of knowledge and structure to free thinking space and discussion, really helped the team move forward”
Dianne Draper
Health Improvement Manager, Cumbria and Lancashire PHE Centre

“Our team away day that Sue facilitated was thought provoking and productive. The personality profiling was particularly popular and gave us all a greater understanding of how we work with other people and how to work effectively with them”
Susanna Sewell
Business Manager / Centre Team Leader, Cumbria & Lancashire Centre, Public Health England

Sue Lewis, consultant and facilitator