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Groups that meet at the Central Manchester Meeting House

Here at Friends’ Meeting House, Manchester, we welcome a large number of community groups and societies with a varied range of interests and purposes. It is important to Quakers across Manchester and Warrington Area Meeting that we support these groups by offering competitively priced spaces in a safe, community focused building. Our testimonies to peace, equality, truth, simplicity and sustainability are at the heart of all we do here and the community that meets within our building is often a reflection of these testimonies.

On this page you can find out more about these groups and how to contact them…

Chan Group, Manchester

The group is led by Simon Child, a fully approved Chan Teacher, a Dharma Heir of the late Chan Master Sheng Yen, and the head Teacher of the Western Chan Fellowship. We can give meditation instruction to beginners and we also welcome experienced meditators who wish to sit with us.

Our Thursday evening meetings include a period of silent meditation followed by a period of discussion on topics relating to Chan Buddhism and meditation.

We are an informal group and you are welcome to try us out with no commitment required.




A second Chan Meditation group also meets here, the contact details are: Fiona Nuttall; Fiona@westernchanfellowship.org

The Historical Association

The Historical Association, as the name indicates, is a National Association (our Branch covers Liverpool and Chester as well as Manchester) concerned with all aspects of History, both regional and international.

We normally have two ‘visits’ a year this year, for example, to the Northern Imperial War museum and the Salford Museum and Gallery, and five talks on different subjects. This year these  are on ‘The faces of crime in England 1932,’ Anti-War women activists in Manchester 1915-18′, ‘Legends of the Plantation Mistress in Antebellum New Orleans and  Jamaica’, ‘What can Philosophy say to History? The case of evil’ and ‘Lancashire Territorials at Gallipoli 1915’.

We meet for an hour on Saturdays. All meetings are open to the public and are free for HA members and £2 for non-members

Contact John Wickham; j.wickham3@gmail.com

Greater Manchester Humanists

Greater Manchester Humanists are a Partner group of the British Humanist Association and affiliated to the National Secular Society. As Humanists, we are concerned with values and moral issues from a non-religious standpoint.

Like many people in our largely secular society, we have done our best to work these out for ourselves, and are constantly re-assessing them in the light of changing circumstances.We are also actively concerned to apply our values and to work towards the achievement of a more open, just and caring society.

We meet at FMH on the second Wednesday of each month. Refreshments are provided from 7.00pm. Talks and discussions on ethical and social issues, generally with a visiting speaker, commence at 7.30pm and end around 9.15pm.

Our meetings are open to all – membership is not required. We also run an introductory course on Humanism at FMH once or twice a year.

Contact John Coss (Secretary); 0161-430-3463



Lancashire & Cheshire Postal History Society

Contact Jack Lindley; 0161 705 1074

Manchester Philosophy Group

We’re a small group of individuals with a strong interest in philosophy. None of us are professional philosophers, though some of our members have studied it at a high level.

We meet monthly on ten occasions per year (no meetings in August or December), usually on the first Tuesday of the month. One of our number usually prepares a paper which is circulated in advance and then read and discussed at the meeting.

Occasionally, we have guest speakers. The topics we discuss cover the whole range of academic philosophy, and our members’ commitments cover the whole range from atheists to believers and to both ends of the political spectrum.

If you’re interested, come along and join us.

Contact David Sheldon – elgoog1223@gmail.com

Manchester and High Peak Ramblers (Ramblers Association)

The Ramblers is Britain’s national walking charity.  We promote walking by providing led walks all around Greater Manchester and the High Peak and by encouraging people who do not normally consider walking is for them to share with us the pleasures of enjoying the outdoors on foot.

We also work to preserve places for everyone to walk, by helping clearing overgrown footpaths, working with Local Authorities to take action where a footpath is blocked and by campaigning to protect the country side and open spaces where people want to walk.

Contact Salle Dare; salle_e_dare@yahoo.co.uk


The Manchester Coach Rambling Group also meets in the building and can be contacted on the website above.

Slimming World

Meetings are on Thursday evenings from 5.40pm until 7pm.

For more information please contact: Jenny 07866620805 or jennypickup@hotmail.com

Stephenson’s Locomotive Society

Despite its title (dating from 1909, unlike its members), the Stephenson Locomotive Society is for anyone who likes railways – locomotives, trains, stations, signalling, history, modern and nostalgic, UK and overseas.

We hold monthly meetings (usually illustrated talks) on Saturday afternoons from October to March in the Friends’ Meeting House; details may be found in the ‘Hobbies’ section of Manchester Zoom (www.manchesterzoom.com/hobbies).

Visitors are welcome at all our meetings.

Contact Alasdair Renfrew; slsnwsecy@gmail.com

Swiss Railway Society

The Swiss Railways Society is a national organisation for those interested in Switzerland and its railways.

The Manchester branch has met monthly for over 30 years; meetings usually consist of an illustrated talk on Swiss, or other European, railways, and a chance to meet with others who share the interest.

Visitors are very welcome at meetings on payment of a small contribution to the room hire.

For details see the website www.swiss.nwrail.org.uk.

Tara Yoga

Contact Mina Lumi; mina_lumi@hotmail.com

07459812648 or 07748461472


Theosophical Society

Up to date information and contact details can be found on the North West theosophical website – www.nwfederation.org.uk and by following the links to the Manchester branch.

The Wagner Society of Manchester

The Society was founded in the early 1950s when members met simply to listen to LP recordings of Wagner’s music; now that we have easy access to the music, we meet to learn more about these magnificent works from speakers, who are experts in their field, as well as to attend performances together and discuss our shared enthusiasm


Contact Jackie Roberts (Secretary); jr.corrie@ntlworld.com

0161 794 5096

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