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Getting the Right Menus for the Socially Conscious Delegate


The never-ending people-pleasing task of organizing events and conferences just got easier, with newly developed menus and light bites to help delight all your delegates.

Allow me to go straight to the cherry on top which comes in the form of our catering partners Good Mood Food. They employ and work closely with those affected by mental health problems. All their profits go back to the mental health charity, Mind.

Newly developed menus
Good Mood Food has developed four new menus as well as a selection of finger food to choose from so that catering can be tailored to your event.


The Socially Conscious Delegate

Great news for the socially conscious delegates who, according to the 2015 Nielsen report, represented 66% of consumers. These delegates say they prefer to buy from companies that have a commitment to social value. And, with the recent push for a fuller understanding and open-attitude of mental health, Mind are a leading charity in this area and a great cause for organisations to support.

The easy part about supporting Mind is it comes in the delicious form of four completely new menus and a host of savoury snacks enabling you to tailor menus to your event. Less carbohydrate-based options, more variety for vegans and a larger choice of savoury treats to choose from. Something for all the many different types of visitors Friends’ Meeting House welcomes.

New Menus

Vegetable frittata, spiralized courgetti with edamame, green salad and your choice of chicken or tofu, are all found on the salad and nibbles option. A menu designed to re-energize attendees for events where focus is paramount, and trainers don’t want to lose half the room to a ‘carb-coma’.

For more informal events the ‘tapas platters’ offer sharing platters of finger food. Plenty to fill the belly and perfectly-sized to still be able to network without worrying about dropping or smearing food.

Tender chicken, roasted vegetables or marinated tofu are the burrito options, something to look forward to when you want to treat your delegates to a hearty and balanced meal. While sweet toothed delegates will be equally spoilt for choice with the option of cakes including vegan options from Lily and Dilly.

As an event’s organizer do you ever feel the need to micro-manage? Well, for the detail orientated organisers you can make your own menu from the wide selection of sandwiches, and buffets, adding as many savoury snack options as you want. Giving you more opportunity to fine-tune your event to your delegates.

Book Your Buffet Now

Take advantage of the many seasonal options provided, download our new menus now. And if you want to order your buffet then simply let the events team know.

Download our new menus

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